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Welcome to Coumadin
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  • This is the Main form where patients can be selected from Last name, Date of Birth, or Social Security Number
  • Patients are then listed alphabetically by Last Name along with DOB, Gender, Race, SSN, and Date Added
  • Last Name may be selected by firstletter of the alphabet of check "Display Total Database" and all patients are listed
  • Other initial functions include Dosing Calculator, Conditions and Guidelines, Add New Patient, Edit Patient and View Data
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Lets Click the Add New Patient Button:
  • Patients are easily added to the Database by Name, DOB, Race, Gender, SSN, and Date Added
  • This same form is used to edit Patients already in the Database
  • When done click " Add Pt " and the user  is taken back to the Main Form
Lets Click the View Pt Data Button from the Main Form:
  • Patients data is organized from the list box located on the left by Date and INR
  • Click on each entry and the data is entered for that date including INR, PT, Current Dose, New Dose, Dosing Recommendations and User Entered Dosing Notes "Dose was held for 2 days, then started as above"
  • Click on the Weekly Dose button to get that dates current and new total weekly doses 
  • Let's highlight the last entry and click on Auto Doc
Let's highlight the last entry and click on Auto Doc
  • The last lab date is selected and the current average daily dose is automatically  entered
  • The Default Target INR is automatically set to "2.0 - 3.0"
  • Enter the new lab date, INR, PT and Target INR 
  • If the last Lab Date is not changed, a message box appears
  • After correcting the Lab Date click the Run button 
  • The  new data is automatically entered into the database along with the new calculated dose based on the Algorithm
  • As above the new data is automatically stored and appears in our list box as date and INR 
  • Click the Print Dose button and the following form is displayed to be printed and given to the patient

  • In the example below one can see an example of Dosing Notes 
  • Dosing Notes allows the user to add unique notes specific to the patient for a specific condition
  • This examples shows a specific clinical solution for  the patient's INR 5.96
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