Coumadin Dosing Calculator  For Palm OS 3.0 - 6.1
Based on Anticoagulation Guidelines from the University of Michigan Cardiovascular Center
The Coumadin Calculator is easy to use and consists of 3 main parts: Coumadin Dosing Calculator, Coumadin Knowledge Database, and Patient Database. The Dosing calculator consists of an Initial and a Continued Dosing section
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 Initial Dosing:
  Start using the Initial Patient Dosing by selected the Day drop down list. This will give the user 6 choices representing the first 6 days. This temporarily hides the continued dosing portion of the app. Highlight the appropriate day and the INR list will give Day specific INR values.
By selecting the corresponding INR range, the initial dose or dose range is displayed in the Initial Dose field. See the menu item on Initial Dosing for futher information.
Continued Dosing:
Start using the Continued Patient Dosing by selected the Target INR drop down list. This will display the bottom portion of the application. The Target INR list will display 2 ranges: INR 2.0 - 3.0 and INR 2.5 - 3.5.
After the desired range is selected the user selects the current INR range and then enter data in the current dose field, either by a popup keypad or directly.
The user then clicks the Calc button which calculates corrected doses along with an additional pertinent information in the text field below.

Coumadin Dosing Calc Part 2 - Coumadin Facts Database:
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