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Online MDRD Gault GFR Calc
Online Microalbumin Calc
Online Hemoglobin A1C Calc
Online Coumadin Dosing Calc
Oral Warfarin Management Guide - Lite
Based on Coumadin Dosing Guidelines From the University of Michigan Cardiovascular Center 
For Windows XP / Vista
Simple yet Powerful and Easy to Use, Consists of a Patient and Lab Database and Automatic Dosing Calculator

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  • This is the Main form where patients can be selected from Last name, Date of Birth, or Social Security Number
  • Patients are then listed alphabetically by Last Name along with DOB, Gender, Race, SSN, and Date Added
  • Last Name may be selected by first letter of the alphabet of check "Display Total Database" and all patients are listed
  • Patient's may also be Displayed based on a User Defined "Last Lab Date > n Days" Function
  • Patient Database May be Searched by First Letter of Last Name, Date of Birth, or Social Security Number 
Lets Click the Add New Patient Button:
  • Patients are easily added to the Database by Name, DOB, Race, Gender, SSN, and Date Added
  • This same form is used to edit Patients already in the Database
  • When done click " Add Pt " and the user  is taken back to the Main Form
  • The Patient Database can be Searched by First Letter of Last Name, Date of Birth, or Social Security Number 
  • By highlighting the Patient in the List Box, the Data portion of the Application can be accessed by clicking the "View Patient" Button or Double Clicking the Patient's name in the List Box 
Lets Click the View Patient Data Button from the Main Form:
  • This takes us to the Lab and Dosing Database Form
  • Initially this Form only shows General Patient Information at the top of the Form 
  • To initially Add Data click the Add New Button
  • This takes the User to our Add New Dailog Form
  • If the patient has no prior data then the form is mostly blank. Start by adding the Patient's Current Dose in the 7 Day fields
  • If needed the Dose entered in Dose 1 can be used to add this Dose to Days 2 -7 by clicking the "Click to Copy Dose" button
  • After all 7 Doses are entered, the Doses an be totaled by clicking the "Click to Total Dose" button. This however is automatically done when the "Run button" is clicked. If the "Click to Total Dose" button is clicked, this value is added to the Current Dose field and the "Week" radio button is selected
  • Note also the messages displayed by rolling over the "Click to Copy Dose" and the "Click to Total Dose" buttons
  • These messages are disabled by clicking the "Disable Messages" Checkbox
  • The Default Target INR is automatically set to "2.0 - 3.0"
  • In the example below the data entered in the Add New form is taken and a new dose is calculated and entered into the database. If this entry is selected the new data is displayed as well as messages that correspond to that dosing event 
  • In the example below the last 7 day Current Dose is automatically entered in the 7 day dose fields. To perform another calculation the user needs to make sure the current 7 day dose is correct and enter a new Lab Date and INR, then click the "Add New" button. The PT value is optional and is not used in the calculations. 
  • The new data is shown in the form below. 
  • If a specific Entry is Selected, then this entry is easily edited. In the example below, the Dose on Days 1 and 3 where changed. Note every entry allows for the addition of "Dosing Notes", added to help the clinician remember any non routine events or instructions like "Gave extra 7 mg Dose Day 1 & 3". 
  • The Print Function prints the entire Patients history of Lab Dates with corresponding INR, PT, Current and Previous Doses 
  • As image belows shows the top portion of the Print Preview dialog box for the Patient's Datasheet 

  • In the first image below one can see an example of "Delinquent Labs" with Patients Name, Last INR and Last Lab Date 
  • The image below this shows the top portion of the Print Preview dialog box for the "Delinquent Labs" form 
  • In the image below 2 Links are seen. The first is to the University of Michigan Initial Dosing Guidelines. 
  • The second link is to a calculator I wrote for initial Inpatient Coumadin Dosing. Please note the University of Michigan does not have initial Outpatient Dosing Guidlines 
  • The image belows shows the University of Michigan Initial Dosing Guidelines web page which is connected to the first link
  • The image belows shows the University of Michigan Initial Dosing Guidelines which I wrote to a web based calculator. This is connected to the second link.
  • The image belows shows the some Quick Start Instructions to help any user rapidly get up to speed and take full advantage of this application.

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Only $49.99

Only $49.99
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