Quick Coumadin Dosing Calculator
For Windows Mobile 5.0 - 6.0 
Based on Anticoagulation Guidelines from the University of Michigan Cardiovascular Center
  The Coumadin Calculator is easy to use and consists of  a Coumadin Dosing Calculator as well as Initial Dosing Guidelines, Recommended INR by Condition or Disease, and  Recommended redrawing Intervals for INR. The Dosing calculator consists of an Initial and a Continued Dosing section with a 7 day suggested pill planner.
  • Limit Coumadin Dosing Errors
  • Take the Guess Work out of Coumadin Dosing
  • Very Fast and Simple to Use
  • No Clinician Should Practice Without It
  • Free 10 Day Trial
The Quick Coumadin Dosing Calculator includes the following:
  • Calculates Dosages for both Initial and continued Dosing
  • The Initial Dosing Calculator utilizes 2 drop down lists representing the Day of Therapy and the Patient's Current INR range and quickly calculates the Recommended Dose Range
  • Continued Dosing calculator uses 2 drop down lists representing Target and Current INR and the current weekly or daily dose and calculates both a new daily and weekly dose
  • Calculator lists information related to the calculation
  • A "loop" takes the calculated dosages and gives the actual pill dosages based on the current pill strengths available on the market today
The Warfarin Dosing Information also include the following:
  • Initial Dosing Information
  • Follow Up Algorithms
  • Dosing Guidelines
  • INR ranges based on Condition being Treated
  • Installs on Device or SD Cards
  • Free 10 Day Trial
  • Free Non Major upgrades
  • Designed and Programmed by a Practicing Physician for Other Health Care Professionals

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If application will not install by using or double clicking the Setup icon:

Usually when this happens Setup installed the program on your PC, but it didn't get installed on your PDA. When you double click and run Setup you are installing 2 installations, one on the PC and one on the Windows Mobile Device. Every time you run Setup a program called aCoumCalcSetup(.18MB) is installed on your PC.

Here's an easy work around:
  1. Make sure you PDA and PC are connected and the icon is green - Click on the Microsoft Active Sync Icon
  2. Click on the Explore icon on the Microsoft ActiveSync Dialog Folder
  3. Click on the My Windows Mobile-Based Device
  4. Click on the Program Files Folder or Storage Card Folder (if PDA has a Storage Card)
  5. Single Click on the CoumCalc icon (little blue cabinet) found in the unzipped folder labeled "WM_Coum_Calc" and drop this in the Program Files Folder or Storage Card Folder in the My Windows Mobile-Based Device
  6. Click the Sync icon on the Microsoft ActiveSync Dialog Folder
  7. Now on your PDA click the Windows Start Icon
  8. Click the File Explorer
  9. Click the folder you placed the cab (CoumCalc) file
  10. Click on the cab (CoumCalc) file
  11. This will install the application on the device or the Storage Card
  12. To uninstall, click the Windows Start Icon / Settings / System / Remove Programs then highlight the Program and Click the Remove Button
  13. I would also go to my PC and uninstall the aCoumCalcSetup application. This can be done by going to Start--> Control Panel-->Add or Remove Programs-->aCoumCalcSetup then click Remove. A dialog box appears and asks if you want to remove this application, so click Yes. Then close Add or Remove Programs and Control Panel. This will make it easier to install this Windows Mobile app if the need should arise.
  14. Free Trial of a Windows Mobile Coumadin Calc with Database